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Personal Development & Life Coaching (Lanarkshire)

Everyone in life at some point can feel as though they need to work on their mental and emotional wellbeing at times. Coaching in personal development focuses entirely on the self and aims to evaluate and assess your current strengths and weaknesses in whatever issues you are concerned about and is used to identify strategies that can improve your wellbeing.

A life Coach is someone who, like any form of sports or recreational coach, can identify areas in your life or your life story that can help you find ways to improve your confidence in any many ways. Sometimes we as human beings cannot see the woods for the trees but a good life coach can identify points that you may not even be aware of and use specialist techniques and practices to help you achieve what you want out of life.

Like building your own home, you simply couldn’t complete this challenge without the tools to do so, but a good coach will do just that, GIVE YOU THE TOOLS.

You deserve to be happy and proud of who you are; a coach will help you achieve your true happiness and develop any life skills you wish to improve.

What are my strong and weak points in life: Once you’ve decided to take HUGE ACTION for change, the first step in growing your inner self is identifying the strengths and weaknesses in each area of your life. If you wish to develop you as a being, then first thing you need to know is where and what you want to develop. Dan Ross Motivation & Life Coaching (DRM) will help you to identify what your good and bad points are, but only you can fully know what these aspects are in your life that hold you back or propel you forward.

Self praise and set your own goals: Developing yourself and building the bricks of your inner confidence is all about recognising your achievements and taking small steps each day to achieve your dreams. Daily life can weigh us down and give you a sense of failure in things you have already done in the past. DRM sees failure as the platform to success. Praise yourself and dream big.  DRM does not recognise bad days but instead sees each negative episode as a teaching day. Good can only form out of bad and if you think about it, you wouldn’t know the good if it wasn’t for the bad. Use each negative experience in your life as a teachable moment to grow your soul.

Recognise these and you will start to develop a more positive perspective.

Setting personal goals is a great way to start growing. Make a list once a month, or once a week and try to tick off most of the goals you have given yourself. They don’t have to be big at first so you may spend a little time building momentum with small sub goals, but as has been said, aim high and appreciate the wonderful being that you are. DRM will ensure you see yourself as the being you were put on this earthly plane to be.

Recording your positive outcomes in your journal or electronic notebook: Recognising your successes will build your confidence and self-worth. DRM will encourage you to record your development in your diary or journal so you can actually see your life improving in black and white. This will be for you to record your thoughts and feelings about each part of the journey you make in life. Having a record of your feelings toward different events will help you to fully appreciate your development.

In more detail…

Do I need a Personal Development Life Coach?

The following pieces of information will help you decide if you need a coach and what areas in your life you would like to overcome or indeed improve.

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  1. Is a Life Coach something that I need?

Life Coach Lanarkshire

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Life Coaching, like any other form of coaching, is used to develop the person in mind, body and soul, and to see the inner strengths they already have within.


The Life Coach will steer you in many ways including:

  • Helping you decide what your goals are in life;
  • What resources can be put in place to achieve these plans or goals;
  • To develop your confidence and self-esteem;
  • Focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses;
  • To formulate a sustainable and realistic plan to achieve your goals.

A Life Coach will never judge you or anything you may have done in your past. The Coach will have a relationship with you like a teacher. The Coach has the knowledge to channel positivity and to develop you as a person. In facing some truths about yourself, negative areas in your life can be worked on and through hard work on both our parts; the sessions will help set you free.

What you can expect from your Life Coach;

  • Good observation skills;
  • Strong verbal communication skills;
  • Analysis of information;
  • Motivation and energy;
  • Self-awareness;
  • Very thorough knowledge of theory;
  • Good decision making;
  • Understanding and appreciation;
  • An objective mind;
  • Empathy and patience;
  • Wealth of real life experiences.


Areas that Dan Ross Motivation will cover include;

Overcoming debt, overcoming grief, low self esteem and confidence, relationship issues, overcoming fear and blame, to name but a few.
There is no better time than the now to make the decision to change, so ask yourself the following questions then decide whether you need a life Coach:


  • Do you wish you have better communication skills?
  • Do you want to become more confident and have greater self-esteem?
  • Do you want to be a self-motivated person?
  • Do you need the drive and energy to learn new skills in life?
  • Do you want sustain happiness?
  • Do you want a better relationship or to meet someone?
  • Do you want to overcome debt, grief or regret?

If you answer yes to any of the above then Dan Ross Motivation is for you.

You will be expected to work hard on yourself and like any other form of coaching you will receive tasks to do after each session. The more effort you put in, the greater reward you will receive.

  1. How will your life coaching sessions work?

Personal development and life coaching is centred around working on the self. Like any form of sports coaching, we will identify areas in your life that you feel require to improve and work with you on your strengths as well as you weaknesses.

Dan Ross Motivation & Life Coaching believes that you are an amazing being and have full control of your destiny. Rome was not built in a day and like all forms of physical or academic development, your inner self also requires to be trained as you have it in you to be and do wherever you want to in life. Dan Ross’s mantra is:


An initial free assessment will focus on the areas you want to work on and a detailed plan of action will follow. You may feel that a single session is enough to place you back on your pathway to a better life however, like all people; it is difficult to go to the gym and lift a 100kg bar without training do so. DRM will advise on the most appropriate programme for you which could include a 4 or 5 session plan, or a 10 session structured programme tailored to your needs, or maybe just one or two sessions.

DRM believes that personal development is a way of improving your life by evaluating aspects of the self and putting them in order.


In any form of coaching, be it football, rugby, singing or dancing, DRM will offer the best possible advice to you to improve your life, but YOU are the person who will identify what best suits for you. We will offer guidance and support through personal development plans and strategies, in order for you to practice effective self-help at home after your programme is complete.

Any plan that is tailored towards your needs will help you to begin the journey towards success and happiness and raise your emotional state into the top 4 states in the emotional scale.

To put things in perspective, the emotional scale will inform you where you are currently living at the present moment in time.

1 Joy/ appreciation/empowerment/freedom/love 1
2 Passion 2
3 Enthusiasm/eagerness/happiness 3
4 Positive expectation and belief 4
5 Optimism 5
6 Hopefulness 6
7 Contentment 7
8 Boredom 8
9 Pessimism 9
10 Frustration/irritation/impatience 10
11 Overwhelmed 11
12 Disappointment 12
13 Doubt 13
14 Worry 14
15 Blame 15
16 Discouragement 16
17 Anger 17
18 Revenge 18
19 Hatred/rage 19
20 Jealousy 20
21 Insecurity/guilt/unworthiness 21
22 Fear/guilt/depression/despair/powerlessness 22

DRM will also:

  • Explore some deep questions about you and help you find the answer within yourself;
  • Encourage you through visualisations and deep thinking about how you are living your life and the changes you want to make;
  • Set challenges to your current ways of thinking and offer alternatives;
  • Give you the best possible advice based on your own decisions to help you through a difficult time;
  • Create and develop your own personalised plan;
  • Will ensure that any identified strategies you develop will help you reach your goals.






  1. Personal development and life coaching techniques



Spirituality is defined in the Collins English Dictionary as:

 “a mind or emotion of a high and delicately refined quality”

  Those who are spiritual and who practice spirituality, have a tendency to have a strong sense of personal charisma as opposed to other non-practicing spiritual people who do not let the light into their being.


In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience and something that touches us all whether you believe in a divine source or not.


Spirituality exercises the soul part of mind, body and soul, and is a practice that the vast majority of people do not undertake at all, albeit they may be religious or practice other cultural rituals.

DRM firmly believes that in order to develop your being, you must exercises all three.

  1. Body: keeping fit and eating the correct things;
  2. Mind: being mindful, visualisations, having plans and taking steps to achieve them, motivation and empowering oneself;
  3. Soul: Spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer, REIKI, angelic realm healing and realisation.

DRM views are that body and mind collectively exercised, can bring you to  a happier place, however the power of spirituality and the divine belief of a higher being, or higher self, keeps you there in a state of love and passion for life. This could may be of benefit to you should you practice similar things in life.







Visualisation is an extremely powerful practice to shift your mind from negativity into positivity. This can be capitalised on by the coach to have you use all senses to visualise and feel outcomes form where you want to go and to use this practice to really have a sense of desire to get there. Most people do not visualise to the level that they should but instead focus on negative aspects of their lives. This is seen in most people before they go to sleep at night where they will go over the days hectic events. This causes disturbed sleeping patterns and most definitely has an effect on wellbeing and also the beginning of a new day.

Imagination and visualisation is an extremely effective way of creating your future in a good way. That said, negative visualisation also has the opposite effect. As Wayne Dyer in his spiritual teachings suggest from the quotation by Bruce Lee;

“as you think, so shall you become”

This type or practice is invaluable and can offer solutions to issues you didn’t know you had in you. DRM will help you to create a different state of mind and future for yourself through your own power of thought and imagination.


Any person who is practicing personal development has to train. Like the powerlifter, gymnast, nuclear scientist, or spiritual leader, you cannot become an expert overnight. As well as the body, the mind has to be trained likewise. You simply couldn’t run a marathon without training, so the mind is the same. The brain is a muscle and the more you exercise it in the manner you wish to become, with positive thoughts, then the greater things you will achieve and the better you’ll feel.

Being mindful and still during meditation relaxes the body, mind and soul and takes you into your higher state of being.

Guided or non-guided meditations accompanying visualisations on what you want from life are powerful. As Rene Decartes suggested “I think, therefore I am”

From this point, thinking in a positive way and visualising things you hope to become are extremely powerful and give off a positive vibration to the universe. In turn, these positive thoughts mean positive action and therefore positive outcomes.

Meditating at night, possibly before bed time, is a good way of calming the mind and shutting your body down naturally in a positive way prior to sleep.

It has been scientifically proven that our brain, or Cerebral Cortex, processes information when we sleep. The sub conscious mind is still processing signals from external sources as we are tucked up in bed fast asleep.

To visualise and feel good through meditation or guided talks to soft music, allows the mind to calm and shift form all the hectic events during the day. Normally people who are stressed, or suffer low self-esteem or confidence, tend to reminisce in bed of all the bad things that have occurred during the day. By meditating and visualising good things and feeling the good feelings of love and appreciation, imagining the senses at work i.e. sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch in your visualisations, give a very powerful thought. Your mind is at peace in this meditative state and allows you to shut down for the day in a very positive way.

A good analogy is the office worker under pressure, walking away from his or her desktop and not shutting it down properly. When they return in the morning then their work is all over the place, their computer sticks and the all the icons run slower on the system. The mind is similar to this and if you’ve though negative thoughts at night before sleep, then this is how your next day begins and the chain reaction continues in the causal order effect.

Similarly meditating in the morning helps kick starts your day.

Meditating and/or visualising using thoughts to foresee outcomes is a powerful way of determining outcomes.

As Dr Wayne Dyer puts it, “you are what you think”

  1. What to expect from personal development and life coaching

If you are considering a life coaching session, you should expect to be given the opportunity to assess your emotional well-being and how you are progressing in life. (See section 6 on personal audits) You will be taken through what is known as the 22 point emotional scale (as seen above) to assess where you feel you are in your life emotionally. You will be able to understand whether you are happy in life or not, whether you are not reaching your life goals, your state of mind and your relationships status to name but a few.

This process of self-assessment or personal audit is to help you learn and recognise where you want to be in life and how you can get there. With the advice and assistance from your coach at DRM you will devise a plan, set a goal strategy and determine the best ways for you to achieve them. Your coach will not be there to judge you or make your decisions, they will use clever and careful questions to help you raise your awareness and recognise what issues may need to be focused on.


  1. Life Coaching tips

Manage your time:

People in general are busy these days with the perception that there is no time to do anything. Statements can include;

“I’m too tired after working all day”

“My kids don’t allow me time to do anything”

“I must have 10 hours sleep per day to feel normal”

“I don’t get enough time for myself after I’ve done everything else”

There never seems to be enough time, so how on earth can you expect to take time for yourself to self-development.

Whatever the reason, you must carefully look at how you manage your time and identify 30 or more minutes per day for self-development. This can include meditations, self-development clips or videos, self-development literature or books, to name but a few. Furthermore, it is vital that your physical conditions is maintained to boost metabolism and by doing this your diet improve aswell as your general wellbeing.

Knowing how you manage your time will encourage you to make changes and find the process of self-development less stressful.

Tips to manage your time more effectively can include:

  • Learn how to say no to people if you are simply overburdened with tasks;


  • Plan your day the night before and keep lists of things to do both a work and at home. This way you will have a structure. Organisation is key in time management;


  • Get yourself a calendar and ensure all your important appointments and tasks are written down;
  • Rather than sitting in the office canteen at work, why not use some of the time to do something involving your personal development;
  • Listen to self-development clips or read self-development literature on public transport to work;
  • If you smoke 10 cigarettes as day, this equates to around 50 to 100 minutes of smoking time per day. If you quit then this frees time for self-development;
  • Use the last 15 minutes before you sleep to meditate or read self-development literature;
  • Get up half an hour earlier in the morning to work on yourself either with some physical fitness or self-development practices;
  • Get yourself a good structured positive routine;
  • Instead of watching all the soaps at night on your couch , spend half an hour on your self-development per night;
  • Absolutely make time for yourself as you cannot serve others of you don’t serve yourself.
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Tips on problem solving – building momentum

No matter if you’re having a positive or negative experience, either way momentum is built. If you are stressed about something, then you will think about it constantly which then builds momentum and then become out of control as it consumes you. The good thing is, so does a positive experience. If you set yourself a task, as you work through this it builds momentum and you begin to feel good about yourself.

A good formula to build positive momentum is

  1. Get in your mind through your visualisations that your goal or objective is a I.e. you are certain it will become your reality;
  2. Take action of this;
  3. Achieve the result;
  4. Reinforce what you’ve done
  5. Repeat above steps.

By visualising your certainty, it will happen for you.

They key to happiness is taking action and continual fulfilment so have something in your mind you want to achieve then do a small amount each day building momentum, then positive things and opportunity will present itself In front of you.

Elevating your current skills, or learning new things, can empower you as a person and increase the opportunities available to you. However, we all have situations we perceive that can prevent us from doing achieving what we want to achieve. These can include:

Perceived or actual debt or financial constraints – If you feel you cannot afford to pay for self-development or go on courses, use the internet for self-help and guidance on social media or listen to things like you tube for self-development clips or information. There is always help available and by taking action, your momentum will build and opportunity arises out of the blue.
Lacking in confidence, self-esteem or negative external influencers – Your negatives emotions will always be a barrier to you until you make the decision to free yourself from this. You cannot simply stop feeling bad within yourself; you have to train your mind body and soul. Remember; do a little each day until it becomes a part of your daily life to self-develop. Your confidence levels will grow in time, but ask yourself if there is anyone to join you on your journey or offer support along the way. Voicing what you are doing will often promote encouragement from others, or maybe even help you make a new friend. That said, negative people will always try to bring you down to their level. Be mindful that it is their own negative universe, not yours, so although advice from others can be beneficial, this is yours and yours only to help and self-develop you, not anyone else’s.

Write down your progress – Record each day how you are feeling morning, noon then at night. Look for patterns and identify what time of the day is your best and least emotionally period. If you feel low in the morning, then do something positive to boost your natural endorphins within. This could include meditation, listening to music, practice a five minute mindfulness routine, or some physical activity. When you’re ready, your coach will give you a personal development plan to work on daily where you can properly record your progress using the help and guidance suggestions from your coach.

  1. Personal Audits

Key roles of the coach in a personal audit?

In the early stages of working with you, it is beneficial to take you through a personal audit. Only when you are ready and good rapport has been established, will you be comfortable in doing this. The more truthful you are, the more DRM can help. This process can help the coach gain an understanding your life story over a set period. This process can also identify areas in your life that the coach can explore further and drill into certain aspect of your life story.

key roles that DRM can offer in a personal audit are:

Assure you of the benefits of this process – DRM will explain the benefits to you when detailing personal audits. This will not only ensure that you review aspects of your life over a certain period of time, it may remind you of underlying issues that possibly are at the root of your issues. By undertaking a personal audit, the coach will reassure you that this is necessary in order for you to move forward. The coach acting as an agent of change, will allude to the positive aspects of your story and let you appreciate the good things as opposed to simply dwelling on past negative aspects within your audit.

Suggest to you that it is only you that can complete your audit – Personal audits are just that, personal. Only you can do this with some direction for your coach. Some clients will need to be convinced that this is the right thing to do. For example you may find yourself in a position that you simply do not want to cover old ground, in that your experiences caused by a traumatic event, or period in your life, may be too painful to uncover. DRM will emphasise to you that in order to move forward, you must take responsibility for your past, both good and bad, and accept that this has happened. We will help you achieve this.

An interesting analogy suggested by key motivational speaker Alan Watts, reiterated by Wayne Dyer, is that the wake of a boat is always preceding the boat and can never be said to be driving the boat forward. The wake in effect is in the past.

The recognition by you, that past events cannot be relived, can bring new outlooks for you.

“By changing the way you look at things, the things you look at Change” (Wayne Dyer)

You must accept and appreciate everything in your life, good or bad by taking responsibility for your own life and taking action. By doing this, you can move forward in a positive way. A personal audit can ensure that no matter what has happened, it cannot dictate what your future should be.

DRM will assist you in managing the process and identify those areas that suggest a need for change – DRM can offer suggestions in managing the process of identifying what areas in your personal audit require change. Only through an audit, a coach can have an idea of your life story. By facilitating a personal audit, your coach may be in a position to identify certain aspects that you have lived through that is making your life less manageable. Sometimes you may not see this and in some cases, may not even know why you feel the way you do or are living in the negative. A good thorough personal audit can give your coach a clear understanding on what your needs are in your sessions and a plan may be formulated in this regard.

Some personal audits can reveal childhood traumatic events that you may have bottled up for many years and have been too afraid of self-pain to open these doors. Honesty between you and your coach will ensure that the agreed plan is most effective. Again within the management of an audit, you must be advised to include positive things so this can be developed as part of your plan in terms of your strength of character.

Why should you carry out a personal audit with your coach – Personal audits can include relationships, successes and failures in your life, monetary or financial problems and also health matters. It is a good analogy for your coach to suggest that you look at your personal audit in similar vein to a business, in that you are trying to identify strengths and weaknesses and areas of improvement. It is fair to say that you may in some cases, find this traumatic and a painful experience. Only by taking the pain in a secure and safe environment, can this be rechannelled and tackled by you with your coaches’ support and advice.  It may be an idea to have you focus on a smaller part of your life you feel the wheels have come off the cart and make this a starting point to work with. The overall benefits will most certainly outweigh the reminiscence of the past bad experience. Your coach will remind you that these are experiences that have already taken place, only now it is time for change and past events do not necessarily mean that the future holds the same outcome, depending on your will and desire to change and accept the past.

It will be the case in some instances that you may not see the initial benefits of your personal audit in terms of going over past bad experiences. It is accepted that you could object to covering events that may be too painful for you to discuss with anyone at the initial stages of your sessions. However it is incumbent on your life coach to highlight the benefits that a personal audit could bring to you. The benefits can open up avenues for suggestion in terms of plans that can be put in place and agreed by you to improve your mind-set.

If a personal audit or review is taken in similar context to a work appraisal, where a manager or supervisor has a two way discussion on a yearly performance, then by going over aspects of the year and identifying areas of improvement and also areas where the worker has excelled, then plans can be agreed on moving forward. This would not only to help the company, but would empower the staff member and boost performance for the forthcoming year. If looking at this in a personal point of view, then a personal review can highlight areas of weakness or events or aspects of a your life that your coach can assist in making suggestions for improvement.  Plans can be put in place, based on your previous audit history, which makes things far more clear in what you needs to do to improve in your  mind-set.

You may have underwent many negative situations through your life and this can make matters unclear and only by the benefit of identifying these issues and stripping them down to manageable chunks, then your coach can offer support in each area of concern. Using these benefits to your advantage, then all aspects of your life can be improved. Self-love, acceptance of the past, taking responsibility of all things in your life, past and present, and having an appreciation of aspects of your life both good and also bad, will mean that the correct decisions can be taken and action initiated to move forward. This can only really be done by your personal audit no matter how reluctant you may be at your first session to undertake this. Any good coach will highlight these benefits and potential gains that can be made by doing so.

What your Coach will do for you to manage your personal audit – It is vitally important for your coach when assisting you in your personal audit, that he or she will not simply emphasise the past negative experiences. Only when trust has developed, then you would be comfortable in revealing your personal audit with your coach. This is built by trust or a willingness to reveal all to ensure the best possible service is provided from your coach to you. When the time is right, you must know the truth about yourself. You will also learn from your successes as well as your failures. What is extremely important in this case is a focus on what has been good in the past. The sense of gratitude for what you have and have previously achieved can certainly have a bearing on accepting who you are as a human being.

Most people, who live in a depressive state, completely focus on the negatives with perception and attention being directed towards negativity. By simply making a shift of attending to positive things, then you can with continual development, begin to perceive and attend to positive things. DRM will help you make that shift.

This will go a long way to placing you on a different path and completely steer you away from past negative thoughts and attitude towards life. Positive things are always present in the universe and if the simple shift in mind-set is made, then light is revealed to you and you can live a totally different experience for the better. It is important to acknowledge previous bad experiences however your life coach will use this to suggest that the negatives have been part of the being you are and the life path you are on and to use your past bad experience as a springboard for better things. For example the breakup of a relationship can be viewed as a negative experience for one or both partners. The depressed partner, as a result of this break up, with correct personal audit and guidance from their coach, can use this experience as a stepping stone to a new life without the presence of thought in negative. When ready, the person will meet the right person with similar positive vibrations. This is known as the law of attraction. A person knows what their bad experiences were so there is no requirement to go over these in massive detail; however they can still be used to take positive thoughts from them.

Final say – Appreciation, gratitude and continual fulfilment are the key for you to develop your new life in the most wonderful way. The universe is perfect, its only people who live in the universe that are the problem, so you should be made aware of this. You simply cannot have any good without bad as good would not exist without the bad. This goes for all your previous bad personal life events.


If you want to change and RISE TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, please get in touch