About Dan Ross

Dan Ross BSc (Hons) (Psyc) has over 24 years of experience dealing with crisis situations and has been heavily involved in improving people’s lives for many years. Dan is a graduate with a BSc Honours degree in Psychology and is certified Life & Personal Development Coach.

Dan Ross is the Author of the Junior Stars children’s book series, currently on sale as an e book on Amazon Kindle and is presently working on other similar type projects.

In his spare time, Dan is a coach with a professional football club and has a wealth of experience is working with children, youths and of course adults.

Dan’s mantra is:

When everything seems against you, never give up, as this is the time the tide will turn; a will always finds a way.

Dan became involved in helping people in need through his own experiences and has been practicing motivational, life and spiritual practices with clients to deliver a service based on real life issues that cover a clear majority of what people are lacking in modern life. Dan continues to provide a 100 % satisfaction guarantee as can be seen in some of the testimonials on the website.

Dan’s unique way of achieving results will mean that you will be given a quality coaching service and are guaranteed to raise your energy levels and deal with whatever challenges you may face in life. Dan’s views mirror his personality, in that there is nothing in life that cannot be overcome if there is a personal commitment to do so.

Dan’s work with young people and adults has given him experiences that are difficult to achieve by most and through other career milestones and challenging life events that he has faced, mean that he will provide a service that is from the heart. Nothing is impossible!

If you want to RISE TO YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL, please get in touch.