Nicola aged 29 from Glasgow

After going through a rough patch in the year with the loss of my baby girl whilst pregnant, I began to feel like what’s the point to life. I gave up hope and went to relationship counselling (which wasn’t that helpful) then I found out about Dan doing life coaching. With nothing to lose I thought why not. Dan spoke to me for a while to get bit of my background; Dan then gave me a plan to follow and kept in contact with me via phone. Dan would send motivational clips for me to watch and also quotes to get me through the day. After a week I already started to feel better and with his continued support I realised I was doing positive affirmations on my own. With a few pushes from Dan he made me remember why we are here and that if I have a bad day, I need to remember it’s a testing day and not to give up.

Mark aged 28 from Glasgow

Having spent time with Dan, I have seen my life changed dramatically. He has been extremely motivational and understanding. Before being passed Dan’s details I found it difficult to be motivated and would often sleep in for work. Now since seeking advice from Dan, I am now in a routine and exercise regularly and wake up in plenty of time before work. The one that has opened my eyes is I no longer have a fear of spiders. Dan gave me a routine to follow and since following the routine and improving my self-talk, I have held a spider in my hand. This is a massive achievement as before I would leave the room when I saw one. Coach Dan is the man and my life has been great and I continue to be positive and even my fiancé has noticed a huge improvement in my mood and overall demeanour. If you’re feeling down and need someone to help guide you I would strongly recommend Coach Dan.

Carol aged 46 from Ayrshire

After a long period of time suffering from depression & low self-esteem, I am able to start embracing life again. The turning point for me was when I reached out to & received help from Dan Ross Motivation. After a few sessions that involved him listening & me using a number of the ideas & tools he equipped me with, I finally started to believe I could move forward! The first time I met Dan I could hardly speak for crying. Now I’m free of anti-depressants & yes I still have off days but those are becoming less frequent.  Dan was always at the end of the phone & still is if I need a chat. He frequently text me motivational clips or articles he believes will assist me to continue to move forward. I had previously attended counselling sessions but always came away feeling let down. Dan provides advice & tools that I can actually go away & practise. I really cannot recommend him highly enough as I know I would not be at the place where I am now if it wasn’t for him. I still have some obstacles to overcome but I’m now confident that’s something I can achieve with Dan’s continued help.

Geraldine aged 41 from Lanarkshire

I approached DRM for guidance after a few horrible years had left me feeling drained, hopeless and consumed with feelings of anger and resentment. I have known Dan personally for a lot of years and he was already aware of issues I had been trying to deal with including grief, infidelity and depression. This made it easier for me to open up to him. Dan was upbeat, down to earth but very professional. He was very knowledgeable and seemed to understand me. Within a few weeks I had totally changed my thinking about my situation and I began to accept responsibility for what had happened in my life. I also understood what I had to do if I wanted it to change. By our weekly interactions and by using other resources that Dan had sent me I am now optimistic about my future. Without sounding too dramatic I would say that Dan has certainly played a huge part in saving my life.

David Aged 43 from Renfrewshire

After several years of feeling angry at my work, I felt I was losing the will to live. Everything was getting on top of me and no matter what I did; I always looked on the negative side of everything. My marriage began to suffer and I felt as though it was coming to an end. It seems strange but I even began to get into financial difficulty. I was introduced to Dan Ross who explained the laws of attraction to me in great depth. Through several single sessions, I managed to make what he called the “shift”, from looking at everything negativity to that of a positive outlook. This has totally changed my life. I now no longer see those people who bothered me as annoying, but instead realise that everyone on this planet is living their own life in their own way. I do not hold onto anger or blame for any great length of time. My marriage, tolerance and even my finances has improved. The law of attraction and the shift has worked for me. I thoroughly recommend Dan Ross to people who want to make a positive change in their life.

Rhys aged 17 from Lanarkshire

After being released from a professional football club at pro youth and sinking my dreams, I felt really let down and angry. I thought I was a complete failure and wanted to quit the game. I began to hang around with the wrong crowd and I knew I was going downhill. My dad introduced me to Dan Ross and he gave me real belief in myself. Dan showed me the inner strengths that I was born with and encouraged me to look for other avenues to explore. I’m now a successful boxer and making a challenge in the boxing game. I feel totally confident in myself and know that rejection only means that I try harder and never give up on my dreams.

Donna aged 35 from Lanarkshire

I am a survivor of 15 years of domestic abuse. I was in total despair and saw no way out for myself and my kids. I simply had given up on life and wondered what the rest of my life would be like. I finally split from my abusive husband but he remained in control of my life. I was introduced to Dan Ross Motivation and I have never looked back. Through a variety of techniques and advice on accepting my past and moving forward, I managed to see a bit of light ahead of me. Thanks to Dans advice, he helped me to accept my past life, look at things differently and enabled me to make a choice to completely change my life. Dan has given me set goals to achieve over a prolonged period of time and I am now in a position of finally getting my life back. His continuous check-up, active supportive plan and encouragement helped me to progress and put plans in place to build a new, safe and healthy life. I cannot put into words how thankful and grateful I am to have met Dan. For the first time in my life I feel free, see a purpose to my life and have put my idea and plans in place to build my own business. It’s not often you meet someone who actually changes your life. Dan has also provided me with spiritual guidance and this is something that has really helped me along the way. There isn’t enough space in a paragraph for me to mention how much I would recommend others to get in touch with Dan, who is the most motivated, talented and genuine person I have ever met with sole intention to go out his way to make a difference for others. Personally, I will be forever grateful for the help and support he has provided. From where I was a year ago to now is truly unbelievable and I would recommend anyone in a similar position to make an appointment to see Dan. Thoroughly recommended.